Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery

Zitat Matthias Heil: "The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery online activity presents an accurate and personal view of the brutal practice of slavery, a concept that may be difficult for young students. - INTRODUCTION: Students will travel back to the year 1860 and follow a young slave as he flees a Kentucky plantation for Canada along the Underground Railroad. Along the way, they can read or listen to the runaway slave describe his terrifying journey from slavery to freedom. They'll discover what life was like as a slave, encounter the dangers of the Underground Railroad, meet brave abolitionists who took great risks to help runaways, and compare life in the North and South. - There are four "stops" on this journey, and each one explores a different curriculum theme in American History: 1. On the Plantation: Life as Slave - 2. Escape! The Underground Railroad - 3. Reaching Safety: Heroes for the Cause - 4. Almost Free: Life in the North…"
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