Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

Effective Classroom Discipline - Get control of any classroom

"My name is Craig Seganti. I have been a teacher in the Los Angeles’ School Systems for over 20 years. I am not a professional ad writer. But I do know how to get a classroom disciplined under any circumstance.
During my career, I have:
Taught over 11,000 different secondary students in the inner-city and elsewhere around Los Angeles of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.
Been a Full Time Teacher, Long Term Substitute or Day to Day Substitute in Over 80 Secondary Schools.
Taught Juvenile Offenders in the Los Angeles County Probation Camps.
In that time I have faced any and all classroom discipline problems you can possibly imagine, including the ones you are facing now.
Over the years I have developed a classroom discipline plan which virtually eliminates behavior problems in any classroom. "

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