Freitag, 29. Mai 2009

Using Advertisements for EFL ESL

Nik Peachey präsentiert in seinem Quickshout-Blog auf eine Quelle für zahllose Werbevideos, von denen sich viele für den Unterrichtseinsatz eignen:
"I've always found advertisements to be really effective and stimulating input for language classes. They are usually just the right length, easy to understand visually as well as linguistically and are often very imaginative and creative.
So I was delighted to see Coloribus which claims to be the world's biggest ad archive with over 2 million ads. The site has a huge range of ads from all over the world so will be useful what ever language you are teaching. You could even explore the different approaches to advertising the same products in different countries and cultures.
Wie üblich finden sich Hinweise zu ähnlichen Quellen und eine detaillierte Vorstellung der Nutzungsmöglichkeiten.

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