Montag, 26. November 2007

Webster's Visual Dictionary

Christine Reymond informiert in ihrer InfoNews-Mailingsliste:
"On e-teach, Elisabeth Buffard recommends the Webster's visual dictionary for children, but after looking through it, I found it also appropriate for scientists and technicians of all types, to learn specialized vocabulary through drawings. You can find the different types of cars and all the parts of a car, but also the different types of bridges, the names of several the fishes, game and poultry, kitchenware, herbs, trees, clothes, sports and games, a nuclear plant and how to produce clean electricity from wind, water and sun, everything about chemistry, physics and measuring, etc. It is purely visual, so you don't know how it works, but the diagrams are superb and very precise, with the names of all the parts and the pronunciation."

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