Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2007

YackLearning: Better Learning via Interpersonal Podcasting

YackLearning is a powerful new way to teach and learn through audio messaging. YackPack is private, easy to use, and it offers true interpersonal podcasting.
What are the benefits?
YackLearning saves you time, it motivates students, and it connects you conveniently with parents. (Besides that, yacking is fun.)
What does it cost?
YackLearning is free, because YackPack and other companies support their service with ads. You can pay to get rid of the ads, but we suggest you use the free services. It's easy to get started, and there's no cost to you.
What equipment is needed?
Most YackLearning solutions require no software installation. For example, with YackPack you simply use a web browser on any online computer. Most people need to attach a computer microphone to record audio. Fortunately, microphones are inexpensive and easy to find. A fast Internet connection is useful but not required.
What's the secret to YackLearning?
The secret to YackLearning is found in the power of human voice. Educators know how voices can motivate, inspire, and console. When teachers and students connect emotionally, true learning happens (for everyone!). Our voices naturally convey our emotions, and our brains can easily interpret vocal inflections. This clear communication is difficult to do with text. Today, YackLearning gives you the convenience of email with the emotional richness of voice. © 2006 What People Love

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