Montag, 21. Mai 2007
some new features: * New Teacher Tutorials that will walk you through how to set up classes, assign homework, create flashcards, and analyze student performance.
* New Verb Conjugation Drills – Your students can now practice conjugating verb principal parts in French, Spanish, English, Italian and German, with the new Verb Basics Drill.
* More Audio Clips – We now have over 120,000 audio clips of native speakers in over forty languages, with new recordings and languages being added all the time.
* Record your own audio – you can easily add audio recordings to your flashcards, so that your students can hear and practice the correct pronunciation for all of the words and sentences in your flashcards.
* Add the WordChamp toolbar to your browser – With the WordChamp Language Help Toolbar, you and your students can get definitions and hear audio recordings for virtually any foreign website with at the click of a button. And best of all, it's free!
* Coming Soon! Stay on the look-out for future enhancements including new drill types, and the capability for you to add pictures and video clips to your student assignments.

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