Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

NanoGong and Moodle Integration

David Rossiter und Gibson Lam von The Gong project vermelden:
"Just released: version 3 of the NanoGong voice recording/playback applet.
New features:
NanoGong, together with the Moodle integration code, is now an open source project
There is now an improved Moodle activity which allows multiple messages to be posted by a student
Any recording can now be saved in either the original playback speed or with the adjusted playback speed
There is now the ability to pause and resume at any time during recording
Significantly improved audio quality, without significant increase in file size
Smaller applet size (now 190Kb)
NanoGong 3, the newly released version of the applet, has been further integrated into Moodle. Using NanoGong with Moodle you can
  • create audio content using a specially extended HTML editor
  • allow students to submit multiple voice messages to their teachers using a new Moodle activity (messages can then be graded by teachers).
  • students can slow down or speed up the speed of the voice recording, or jump to any position in time in the recording, and save the recording to their hard disk

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