Freitag, 19. Januar 2007

The Language Menu site for teachers: Exercise generator

"Created by language teachers for language teachers. - We provide worksheet generators and other tools to help you create teaching materials. - Use pictures from our clipart gallery and translations from our bilingual materials. - Be creative and custom-design your own exercises. - We are in the process of developing a database of materials where you can download grammar and vocabulary exercises in PDF format for use in class. Interactive Games: The six interactive games, Picture Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Matching with Pictures, Fill in the Blank, Countries and capitals and Memory, are fun ways of drilling grammar and vocabulary. Tools to make exercises and worksheets with Word Search, Crossword, Bingo, Label the Picture, Fill in the Blank, Flashcards, Matching, Board Game, Word Spiral, Multiple Choice, Scrambled Sentences, Missing Words, Split Words, True or false, Lined, and Categories"
Well worth a visit!

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