Montag, 20. November 2006

TalkAndWrite + Skype = Complete Vídeo Conference

TalkAndWrite. Professional Whiteboard with voice and video.
Open the document to be worked on using TalkAndWrite. Page by page it will be send to your friend’s TalkAndWrite, now both of you can work on it like you are sat side by side.
You can handwrite, draw, type, point out, erase on this shared document. Your friend will see two mouse pointers and all changes you do in real time.
TalkAndWrite + Skype = Complete Vídeo Conference.
Due a proprietary CODEC*, TalkAndWrite is the unique whiteboard that works with voice in any Broadband connection. If Skype works so will TalkAndWrite + Skype. TalkAndWrite Basic is Freeware.
Klingt phantastisch! Ausprobieren!

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