Mittwoch, 29. November 2006

History according to Bob

Professor Bob Packett has been teaching history for thirty-one years. His passion for history permeates his entire life, from the thousands of primary resource materials in his personal library, to his collection of historical artifacts.
Professor Bob loves to tell stories of the real people behind the often sterile descriptions found in history texts. His conversational style, filled with anecdotes, quips, and humor, will bring to life the characters of history.
Now, through the technology of podcasting, you can also enjoy what Professor Bob's students have been enjoying for years — history that comes alive.
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Alexander hat gesagt…


bin (war) auch begeisterter Hörer von Professor Bob, war allerdings jetzt wegen Umzug ein paar Monate offline. Kann man irgendwo an die verpassten Folgen kommen? Bleiben ja leider immer nur ein paar Tage online.

Gruß Alexander

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