Sonntag, 26. November 2006

The Jamestown Online Adventure

Ich bin gerade mit meiner 8 in Green Line New 4 bei "Jamestown Fort Discovered" (Klett). In diesem Zusammenhang habe ich das Jamestown Online Adventure entdeckt
You are the Captain of the Jamestown Colony:
Can you do any better than the real colonists? You will have a copy of the London Company's Instructions to help guide you. Also, you can ask your fellow colonists and the Native Americans for advice. Be careful, though, because some advice is better than others!
Scoring Factors:
After you make all your decisions, you will receive a report on the state of your colony based on these factors:
* Food: How well can you provide it for your colonists?
* Health: Can you keep your colonists from dying due to disease, starvation, and attacks?
* Wealth: Can you make yourself and your sponsors at the London Company rich from the
discovery of gold and silver?
* Morale: Can you keep yourself in power by keeping everyone happy?
Make History:
You will get to compare your colony to the historical Jamestown at the end. By examining the "Now we know..." section, you can learn from the mistakes of history so you do not repeat them when you play again.
Good luck and Godspeed!

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