Montag, 10. August 2009

Yet another 15 ways to make writing interactive

Beitrag von Alex Case auf
Hier die ersten von mehreren Unterrichtsvorschlägen:
"Interview and write: Students interview their partner and write it up as an article, CV, letter of application etc. The person who was interviewed then reads it to check for facts and whether they’d like anything added. You could also have several people writing up the same interview and comparing their finished pieces of writing. To add more fun, ask the people interviewing not to write notes until they get home- thereby adding memory slips and therefore more inaccuracies to spot and correct. This is a nice thing to do near the beginning of a course as a Getting To Know You activity... - 2. Write about each other: Students can also try to do the task above without especially interviewing each other, using just what they have found out about each other during the class or things that they can guess. "
Den Hinweis auf diese sehr nützliche Resource postete Matthias Heil in Twitter

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