Montag, 27. April 2009

The Speaking Cyclist

gefunden bei Jochen Lüders, der seinerseits Jeffrey Hill als Tippgeber würdigt:
"The Speaking Cyclist ... bietet ausgezeichnete Vorschläge für speaking activities, die hier “speaking cycles” genannt werden. Darunter versteht der Autor “structured free speaking activities which follow a specific framework aimed at maximizing the attention of students, whether in the role of listeners or speakers”, Themen sind z.B. Family Ties, Scary Films und If I Were You."
"Welcome to the website of the Speaking Cyclist, an English Language Teacher who believes the best teaching material is the students themselves! A speaking cycle is a simple template for highly-personalised speaking practice with students at any level. New cycles, all following the same template and useable immediately with minimal preparation, will be posted regularly. In the meantime, 'Speaking Cycles - A Brief Introduction' and 'Speaking Cycles - Behind The Scenes' provide further details."

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