Dienstag, 28. April 2009

The Flashcard Hub

"All the flashcards are:
- 100% free. There are no fees whatsoever. Just find the cards you like and print.
- Flexible. Each category has two sets of cards, a large set and a small set. This allows teachers to present and practice new vocabulary and grammar as a class, but then students may practice in pairs and groups.
- Suited for just about any learning environment or situation. Not only are there two categories of flashcard, but there are seven types too. You can practice word recognition, spelling and phonics, or use of the vocabulary, for example.
- Accompanied with ideas and suggestions on their usage. All the activities have also been tested, tweaked, re-tested, and used many times in many classrooms.
- High quality. Consideration to form and function has been given to the cards. They work and look good too."

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