Freitag, 23. Januar 2009

Kathy Schrock's slide show handouts

Links to Kathy Schrock's slide show handouts in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 format, as Flash Paper documents, and as HTML pages.
The PDF and Flash versions are presented as six slides on a page.
Breite Themenpalette:
- 4C's: Computers, Curriculum, Communication, & the Classroom
- ABC's of Web Site Evaluation
- Abracadabra: The Magic of Technology Gadgets for Educators
- Creating a Content-Rich Home Page
- Day in the Life of an Educator's Handheld
- Effective Search Strategies
- Extreme Searching
- Get A MUVE On!: Online Synchronous Environments
- Icing on the Cake: Online Tools for Teaching and Learning
- Introduction to HTML
- Introduction to the Internet
- Many Face of Technology and the Multiple Intelligences
- One-Computer Classroom Survival Guide
- Orchestrating the Research Process: Library Media Specialist's Role
- Planting the Seeds of Change: Infusing Information Literacy Skills
- POWER in the Palm of Your Hand
- Putting the Puzzle Together: Using the Internet in the Classroom
- Second Life for K-12 Educators
- Shedding Light on Web 2.0
- Three-Hour Tour: Navigating Primary Source Materials on the Internet
- Tools for Change: The Classroom of the Future
- Visual & Video Literacy: How to Create Presentations
- We Interrupt this Broadcast: Using PSAs in the Classroom
- WebQuests in Our Future: A Teacher's Role in Cyberspace
- What does it mean to be information literate?

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