Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2008

Dimdim:an open-source online meeting/video conferencing website /

WebHead Seth Dickens empfiehlt Dimdim nachhaltig.
Zitat: "Dimdim has all sorts of handy features like a shared whiteboard, shared desktop, Powerpoint slides and PDF sharing.
It's free to use for up to 20 participants, and if you host it yourself you can have unlimited participants. It supports multiple audio chats and text chats, but unfortunately at the moment it only supports one video feed.
Dimdim do say that this will be changing
Read more about it here:
Download it or sign up to use it here:
Or alternatively, come along to a test online meeting / video conference we
are holding at 09.00 C.E.T on Saturday 28th June. We're going to discuss the
things you can do with your classes using online meeting tools like Dimdim.
Find your local time here: *
*To join the meeting, just click on this URL: *
*You'll need to choose a name for yourself and then you'll be straight in to
the meeting."

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