Samstag, 19. April 2008

Lesson Plan - Wiki Class Notes

From Jason B Jones - reprinted from hims blog The Salt-Box
"I was motivated to try this assignment by two factors:
* Many students take almost no notes in English classes, especially upper-division English classes, and especially when class discussions turn to close reading. That leaves students:
1) unprepared for exams;
2) without a sense that there is a body of knowledge/practice emerging during the class; and
3) slightly cynical about the purposes of class time.

* Class notes themselves are epistemologically weird. Usually, we think of notes as private, but if they’re *too* idiosyncratic, they might not be very accurate, or very useful later in the semester. What would be useful is a set of canonical class notes: This is what we agree happened on this day in class.
Wikis, it turns out, are very good at establishing this sort of document. Someone starts by uploading their notes, and subsequent students can expand, revise, delete, re-arrange, or otherwise improve the version, until it reflects something like consensus about the day’s class. Further, the page can be updated throughout the semester, as later class periods interact with earlier ones.
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