Sonntag, 1. April 2007

Teachers' TV: Video über Neue Medien im Unterricht

New technologies are second nature to most young people. This programme seeks to explore how they can help and encourage learning in the classroom - particularly in an English lesson.
Teenagers discuss their experiences of blogging, MySpace, YouTube, podcasting and more, whilst a panel of experts offer their opinions on these fascinating modern phenomenons.
Dr Andrew Burn from the University of London, Apple Distinguished Educator David Baugh, Acton High School's head of media Toby Newton, and Andy Black from BECTA, are amongst those providing professional insight into new technologies.
Elsewhere, Martin Owen from Futurelab - along with a group of young students - explains how mobile telephone technology can actually benefit learning, despite the fact that many schools have banned mobile phones from the classroom.
This programme aims to help teachers overcome any technophobia they may have, and demonstrates how embracing technology can benefit both students and teachers alike.
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Tipp von Andreas Büsing, entdeckt im Blog von Jochen Lüders

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