Montag, 5. März 2007

Spanish 4:1 Online Study Pack - Homepage

This is an Online self-study course accessible from anywhere (uni, work or home). The Online Study Pack is the self-study part of your beginner's course. Every week after each class you are expected to do 3 to 4 hours of guided self-study. Although, there are some links to other websites for interactive exercises, please note that these packs have not been designed with that purpose in mind. They are designed to complement what you have done in class, but can also introduce new points. It is advisable to print off your weekly study pack. You will not receive an automatically generated feedback, but there is an answer section at the end of each Online Study Pack. This section will also contain the scripts for your listening exercises.
Every week your tutor will:
1. spend some time in the next lesson answering questions about the Online Study Pack.
2. Collect your weekly written exercise(s).
3. Hand out corrected work.
4. Integrate the Online Study Pack into the lesson plan
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