Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008

The Mosquito - Anti-teen Device: ergiebigiges Unterrichtsthema

Zitat aus dem InfoNews-Newsletter von Christine Reymond: "Here are articles about Mosquito, a device which raises a lot of controversies in the US and theUK. The article is short, the level is B1+ but ifthe students are motivated by the subjects, they may put in more efforts to understand it. You can give your class different articles and invite them to first put together all the information they got, and then use it as a basis for a debate ... What is Mosquito teen repeller"
"Test yourself teen buzz you are so old you've already lost your hearing"
"calls to ban anti-teen device" : an article fromthe BBC with a B2 video on how it works
"Conflict follows device that drives away teen loiterers" (from CNN)
"call to swat anti-teen Mosquito gadgets (from Sky News)
and you can also find out that teens turned thisnoise into a teacher-proof ring tone for their mobile phone!
"Kids turn "teen repellent" sound into teacher-proof ring tone"
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Martin Sankofi hat gesagt…

Auf youtube gibts auch ein ABC Video dazu:

Die Webseite des Betreibers liefert weitere Kuriose Details zum Mosquito Device. Das Thema funktioniert auch gut im Unterricht.

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