Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2008

Nicholas Bowskill: teachers are woefully under trained ...

Zitat von Nicholas Bowskill [Freelance E-learning Worker (Online course design, development and tutoring plus research fieldwork)]: "Despite the puch for modernizing education worldwide I'm still amazed by the number of schools and teachers that insist on pen, paper and books despite the proximity of a fully operational networked computer lab... It's partly because teachers are woefully under trained when it comes to electronic education delivery mechanisms. Why should a modern school behave any differently than a modern university or business place? Socializing skills and learning to work with each other is invaluable but does a traditional stand-up training environment provide that necessarily? I think not. There should be a much tighter connection between the 'real' world demands and the classroom. Networked education environments where every class is somehow recorded and published, maybe in screencasts like this, is a first step towards providing every learner with every opporunity and access point for structured education."
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