Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Free webinar with Joe Dale: Planning a virtual field trip to New Orleans

  • promoting intercultural understanding
  • creating authentic language learning opportunities
  • free web tools for planning a virtual field trip:
  • New Orleans as an example destination
  • how to find creative commons licensed images on Flickr
  • how to incorporate them into a Pinterest board
  • how to share them via a Padlet wall
  • Storybird as a creative writing tool bringing together key
  • vocabulary and expressions
  • how to create a Google Slides presentation based on the content
  • Presenter: Joe Dale
  • Host: Thomas Strasser
  • 07.05.2015 - 19:00h - 20:30h CET
  • Registration: If it’s a first time registration, please send along the name of your school, university, institute, etc. to JWagner@lpm.uni-sb.de
  • You will need neither a username, nor a password.
  • Select the option “Enter as a guest” and enter IMPERATIVELY !!! your FULL !!! name into the box. (All attendees are “guests”).
  • JOE DALE is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian.
  • He is host of the TES MFL forum, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning.
  • He has spoken at conferences and run training courses in Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia.
  • He was a member of the Ministerial Steering Group on languages for the current UK government and was short-listed for a NAACE Impact Award in 2013 too.
  • Joe was recently described in a Guardian article as an 'MFL guru' and 'the man behind the #mfltwitterati.'
  • His blog http://www.joedale.typepad.com has been nominated for four Edublog Awards.
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