Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

I've received a badge! awarded by webhead Vance Stevens ["Learning2gether"]

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"The recipient of this award gave a presentation or hosted a discussion in a live online webinar space for the benefit of the WebheadsinAction & Learning2gether communities of practice & The session was scheduled here and recorded and archived as an open educational online resource which is openly accessible through its link given as evidence. "


"The recipient of this award has developed an expertise that the WebheadsinAction and Learning2gether communities of practice feel would benefit them and has graciously contributed the time to meet with these CoPs in an online webinar space and share this expertise. Thus the criteria are to not only have this expertise, but also the requisite multiliteracies skills to be able to share it online, and willingness to have its archived recording freely disseminated as an open educational object (OER)."

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Thanks Vance and thanks "webheads" and all other attendees.

I'll try to live up to that honour with the help of my 2015 webinar schedule

By the way - our record of 2014 was quite encourageing.

Bilanz der LPM-Webinare 2014

Bilanz der LPM-Webinare 2014 by kornog52

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